Fully pressed Cotton Bale

We offer the best quality full pressed Cotton Bales which is Cotton packed in bales form. They quality available are known as DCH - 32, Bunny Brahma which is equivalent to Shankar-6 variety ,jaydhar. which are produced in only Karnataka, The Cotton Bales are a result of Ginning and Pressing Process of Cotton. Our Ginning unit separates Cotton fibers and seeds from Cotton crop. We use only the best quality raw Cotton to ensure a highly reliable production. We take proper care during the complete mechanical process of producing Cotton Bales.

Cotton Seeds

The Cotton seeds of the area are known for realization of high value due to its high quality and high oil content.We offer the best quality Cotton Seeds in the market. Cotton Seeds are mainly used for cattle feed, extracting Cotton seed oil and producing Cotton seed cake. The seeds of Cotton are separated after ginning of the Cotton. The Cotton seeds that we offer are accessible at the market leading prices.

Long staple DCH 32
Staple: 34.5 - 35
Mic: 3 - 3.5
Trash: 3
Strength: 34-35
Medium Staple Bunny
Staple: 30-31
Mic: 3.8 - 4.2
Trash: Below 3
Strength: 30 -31
Short Staple Jaydhar
Staple: 20 - 22.5 mm
Mic: 5.3 - 5.6
Trash: 7-8


Pulses, also known as grain legumes, are a group of 12 crops that includes dry beans, dry peas, chickpeas, and lentils. They are high in protein, fibre, and various vitamins, provide amino acids, and are hearty crops. They are most popular in developing countries, but are increasingly becoming recognized as an excellent part of a healthy diet throughout the world.Pulse crops are one of the most sustainable crops a farmer can grow. It takes just 43 gallons of water to produce one pound of pulses, compared with 216 for soybeans and 368 for peanuts. They also contribute to soil quality by fixing nitrogen in the soil.

Oil seeds

Oil seeds, the premier source of fat in the Indian diet, are derived from a number of crops like groundnut, rape-seed and mustard, sesamum, linĀ­seed, soya bean, sun-flower, castor seed, Cotton seed and niger seed etc.These provide oil and oil c which are utilised in making lubricants, varn medicine, perfumes, candles, soaps, manure cattle feed. Oil seeds belong to edible and non-edi categories. While the former provides fat conten the Indian diet the latter meets the demand industrial oil.

Fried Grams

Fried Gram named as follows in different region. They are Roasted gram, Channa, Bengal gram, Kala channa, varukadalai, pottu kadalai, porikadalai, ChickPea, Numkeen Channa (Salted Roasted Gram) and others. Chickpeas are edible legumes belonging to the family of 'Fabaceae' with slightly round & irregular shape, and are slightly longer in size than the normal peas. They are also known by the names of 'garbanzo beans', and have a nut like taste with a high protein content in them. .

Food Grains

Grains are small, hard, dry seeds, with or without attached hulls or fruit layers, harvested for human or animal consumption.[1] Agronomists also call the plants producing such seeds "grain crops". The two main types of commercial grain crops are cereals such as wheat and rye, and legumes such as beans and soybeans. Ubiquity of grain as a food source encouraged use of the term to describe other particles with volume or mass similar to an individual seed.

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